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Inner Mongolia Yongjiang jiayuan technology co., LTD is a private enterprise with independent intellectual property rights,Established in April 2016, registered capital of 30 million yuan.The company produces 100000 tons of polyaluminium chloride and 50000 tons of chlorinated paraffin per year。The item total investment of 140 million yuan, covering an area of 81 mu,Factory is located in the east within the Industrial Park of DaLu coal chemical industry base which located in the Jungar Banner of ordos,Inner Mongolia autonomous.

The project mainly focuses on the waste utilization of high alumina coal ash which one of the local "three wastes" to make the polyaluminium chloride,which can reducing environmental pollution,and bring considerable economic benefit.It is the domestic first showcase production line to make use of high aluminum coal ash production polyaluminium and chlorinated paraffin 70 #.

The technology of polymerization is independent research and development using local high alumina coal ash to make aluminum chloride,which is the first in China, and the company is the first to achieve industrialization and large-scale.

The Chlorinated paraffin 70# adopts the water phase technology of the most mature and advanced in China, and the product has high stability. The byproduct hydrochloric acid supply the producers’ goods to polymerized aluminum.Two products are complementary in process, and the waste water in the factory is zero emission.

The company is guided by the scientific outlook on development, adhere to the enterprise idea of the "people oriented, scientific and technological innovation", implement the strategy of the harmonious development、talents revitalize the enterprise 、science and technology lead and low cost, adhere to the characteristic development road, promote the company's high efficiency and rapid development, strive to build an international first-class company.

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Scientific management

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