The company is guided by the scientific outlook on development,

adhere to the enterprise idea of the "people oriented,

scientific and technological innovation",

implement the strategy of the harmonious development、

talents revitalize the enterprise 、science and technology lead and low cost,

adhere to the characteristic development road,

promote the company's high efficiency and rapid development,

strive to build an international first-class company.

PAC complete the pilot production of comprehensive conditions

The expert group unanimously agreed that the "fly ash comprehensive utilization project with an annual capacity of 100,000 tons of polyaluminum chloride" of Inner Mongolia yongjiang jiayuan technology co., LTD., has the conditions for trial production and has agreed to trial production.


Seminar on urban sewage treatment plant

Since the 21st century, especially the "11th five-year plan", "twelfth five-year", our country's urban sewage treatment achieved leapfrog development,The Yangtze river delta,as China's economy the most developed region,has more perfect urban sewage treatment facilities and has been through the process of transformation, actively explore is higher than the national standard of local standards;


China's industrial pollution control industry in 2018

In 2016, China's total industrial output accounted for 33.3% of GDP, far surpassing that of the United States (about 20%).Industry is very important to the proportion of economic structure in our country,due to lack of environmental protection facilities, technology backwardness, emission standard is lax, lack of supporting regulations, become the biggest pollution source, industrial environmental protection has a long way.


Chlorinated paraffin market summary(20180108)

Last week, local prices of domestic chlorinated paraffin wax market moved slightly lower, and the downstream users were mainly on the sidelines.During the weekend, the market of liquid chlorine in local area rose sharply, and the cost of partial chlorinated paraffin was increased.


Chlorinated paraffin market summary(20171220)

   This week the domestic liquid chlorine market is weak, the manufacturers are in general.The liquid chlorine market in north China is weak, the downstream demand is weak, the price of chlorine in the local tanker is falling, and the mainstream of the liquid chlorine in shandong is 800 to 1100 yuan per ton.


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