2017 . 10 . 20

People Oriented Safety Development


Source:Viona Lee



In order to enhance the production safety awareness of all staff, Our company has invited professor li guohua, a security expert of jiutai, to train all staff in safety on the morning of October 20。

   This lecture, Mr li has systematic explained  many-sided contents that basic knowledge of laws and regulations, basic knowledge of safety production, hazardous chemical materials safety knowledge, prevention and control of occupational hazards, production safety management system, on-site emergency treatment of accident event state, Through training, employees are more aware of safety knowledge and further enhance security awareness.


Use the easiest way to make you understand. he not only teaches you about theoretically in the production of all kinds of safety knowledge, and employees are really feeling the damage by playing a series of security incidents video.

   At the same time, he explain the accident event to take corresponding measures by on-site emergency disposal , let everybody to learn in the daily production gradually improve safety consciousness, played the song of life safety.In the end, Mr li wishes everyone to go safe and go home safely.
    After the lecture, the chairman put forward the next step of security emphases:.
    First, security is more important than mount tai.We hope that employees will expand their knowledge and improve their safety awareness.
    Second, the project enters the production stage, the security concern is much, should strengthen the management.
    Third, the training should be persistent.In particular, key positions and special positions should be responsible for the life of employees, family and strict, adherence to the company's security system. 
    Fourth, strengthen the management of foreign personnel and foreign construction units.
    The safety training ended in a round of applause from the staff,Employees say harvest quite abundant, to deeply understand the importance of safety, set up the correct concept of security, understand the importance of the life, also make the employees learned the correct processing methods in case of emergency, We will always remember the chairman's inculcating instruction to do safe production work.

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