2017 . 11 . 25

Corporate security conference




Inner Mongolia yongjiang jiyuan technology co., ltd. held a conference on security in the conference room of the company's third floor at 14:00 on November 20, 2017.The general manager, deputy general manager, each project management personnel and the staff of various functional departments participated in the meeting.

First, general manager Li and Mr. hou conveyed the contents of the committee on the security work at the meeting. This paper mainly analyzes some typical accident cases that happened this year. The meeting emphasizes that the safety awareness of employees and the safety of employees should be enhanced, and the safety awareness of employees should be the theme of work safety, which is the purpose of safe production.

Secondly,Mr.hou put forward the following requirements for the security problems existing in our company:

  1.Improve the safety awareness of employees of the company.

  2.Strengthen on-site inspection, detect hidden dangers should timely rectification, and review.

  3.The safety management system is perfect, according to the actual priority, do the corresponding security table.    

Finally, Mr.li made several demands on the safety problems existing in our company:

 1.Traffic safety, workers must pay attention to safety on the road to and from work, putting personal safety first.  

 2.We should attach great importance to the work of production safety, always make safety production a top priority, and make safe production work.

 3. Strengthen the labor discipline management of the employees of the company, and strengthen the staff safety training education.

 4. Once the hidden dangers are discovered, they must be implemented and reviewed.

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